We send your music to iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and other top digital stores of your choice after you pay a very affordable fee (we offer a unique per-track / pay-as-you-go pricing). We take care of the reporting, sales collection and any administrative hassle then pay your share of the money received from your download, streaming and ad revenues along with monthly reports.

After you send in your song(s) along with other requirements such as Art work, upload details and distribution fee, your song(s) will be processed for provisioning. It takes up to Three weeks (3 weeks) for your Song(s) to go live across the music platforms.

Month 1: Music fans download and stream your music

Month 2: The music service collates the data and creates reports to send us

Month 3: We process and check the data to create the reports we send you

It is important to note that some digital services send us quarterly sales reports. In that case January sales will be reported along with February and March sales by the end of June.


Payments will be made to your bank account upon request, once your revenue is about N10,000.